Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Jebudo is a small island in the west coast of South Korea. The island boasts of a long costal line (12Km) and has Maebong (three rocks of different shape and size) at the end of the sand flat. When the tide is out, the water parts and a 3m-wide road appears.The left side of the road is muddy while the right side contains sand and gravels. As the tide is up, the water comes again and the road and flat go down under the sea. The tide remains high for about six hours a day, but the time can be different everyday.

If you know the drama haengbokhan yoja (happy woman), Byoung Gu and Ji Sook went to Jebudo but couldn't go back home because the road was covered by the water. They slept together and decided to get married.

Jebu Island is small in size but once on the island, there are many things to see like this very long bridge by the sea with foot massage.

One thing that i love most is the sunset.

Going to the beach means eating sea foods. There are many restaurants and pojang macha (street food/ outdoor drinking tent) just near the sea.

Oh well, if you are not a fan of sea foods then i recommend mollebang-a restaurant. It's a traditional restaurant with old korean stuffs. The restaurant serves delicious kalkuksu and puchingge with delicious panchan (side dishes).

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