Monday, January 2, 2012

Next Destination is Thailand

We love traveling and this year we are planning to travel again but we don't know where to go yet. Among the countries that we've been to, I think Thailand is one of the best country because it's cheap and there are lots of famous attractions to visit. There are also lots of delicious food. We visited Thailand a few years ago but we only stayed there for 10 days. Our vacation was too short so last year we decided to visit the country again and we stayed there for a month. It was so awesome that I always want to go back there again if I have time. My hubby said if we travel around Asia, we will visit Thailand too for the third time. Wow~ I'm so excited! You know, I always miss the times when I was in Thailand. I miss the beautiful place, the kind people, the hotel where we stayed and of course the food; the cheap and delicious food. I'm sure our next vacation will be more fun because of this Thailand Holiday Packages that I found out on the net where we can save much. Lots of package deals and lots of discounts.

I've traveled a lot in Thailand. I've been to famous places like Bangkok, Ko Samet, Ayuthaya, Nongkhai, Pai, Chiangmai, Maehongson, etc. but never been to Phuket. I know it's the most famous place in Thailand. It's the best place for honeymooners that's why we are planning to visit there someday and stay at The Impiana Resort Phuket. Accommodation is another most important thing to consider when we travel so we decided to choose the Impiana resort. I think it's the most comfortable and affordable resort in Phuket. Actually, we were supposed to visit there on our last vacation but we didn't have enough time so it's our next destination in Thailand on our next vacation. I can't wait!

We usually go backpack when we travel to another country. We thought we could save more when we go backpack but we realized that it's cheaper and more comfortable to travel if we make a reservation through Holiday Packages. It is much cheaper with lots of bonus and discount to get. So, the next time that we go on a vacation, we are going to travel using the holiday packages.

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