Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm ready

I'm ready to say that I'm gonna quit. But it seems like the time doesn't agree with me. My boss didn't come. While having lunch, one of my co-workers said that I have to say to my boss that I'm gonna quit as soon as possible. It's hard to believe that my new co-worker has signed a resignation paper before me. Ouch! I was surprised when he said yesterday that he wanted to thank everything for helping him and letting know everything about his work. He said yesterday was his last day. Ugh! When I asked why, he said it's a private matter. Well, what should I say. I asked my boss about that, he said yes it was his last day yesterday. I asked why? I said we don't have new employee yet, and I said he has to wait for a new employee to come or at least wait for a few days. He said he would hire a worker immediately so don't worry about it. I guess there's a problem with the two of them.

I guess my co-worker is right. I called my hubby and said that I have to tell my boss today that I'm gonna quit so he can hire someone to replace me. I just wanna work until next month and my hubby said if I could quit earlier that would be better. Well....

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