Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eat Rice Cake Soup for New Year

Happy New Year! My boss asked if I have special plan for tomorrow. Me and my hubby didn't have any plan yet so when I said nothing, he told me to come to the office to have lunch with all my co-workers. During New Year Korean have to cook teokguk or rice cake soup. Eating rice cake soup mean plus one to your age. New Year means we are growing old and so everyone have to eat teokguk. I don't know what the connection of rice cake soup is to our age. But it's a kind of korean tradition to eat rice cake soup during New Year.

Well, we don't have any plan yet but sometimes even when we don't plan, we just go out. And even if we don't go out tomorrow, I prefer to stay home with my hubby than having lunch with my co-workers. Sorry my boss because I'm not having lunch with you tomorrow.

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