Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walking Course at Night

My hubby said he's starting to like Jejudo more because of the walking course that he discovered everytime we take a walk at night. After dinner, we usually go out to take a walk for more than two hours. That was a long walk in a dark area. We just follow the narrow and dark road. It seems like the roads have dead ends but when we walk they all have connections that will lead you to some destinations. We just walk without any destinations that sometimes the road leads us to mountains, farms or temples. My hubby said it's really interesting with lots of thrill to take a walk at night. It's very dark that you can't see the road in front of you so my hubby said it seems like he's going to heaven because it is dark and you're suddenly going up or down.

I used to be scared but my hubby likes it so much so I got to use to it. And it's too strange that we always miss that thing if we don't go out. We always want to go back in that area even when it's scary.

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