Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodbye Wrinkles

I was cleaning the drawer at the office when I saw a bottle inside. I read it and saw that it's a medicine to remove wrinkles. I asked one of my co-workers and he said it was Ricky's. I was surprised! I couldn't believe that he's using medicine to remove his wrinkles. It's so funny because he really looks old. I don't think that the medicine gives good result on his wrinkled face. Actually, I'm older than him but we called him "Ajassi" which means an old man. He's still single but he looks too old with lots of wrinkles specially on his forehead. Even when he use 10 bottles of that fluid to remove his wrinkles I think it's useless.

I want to send him to Australia to visit the famous cosmetic clinic in Melbourne so he can remove his wrinkles instantly. But I'm also interested so I'd rather receive the wrinkle injections melbourne instead of him. I don't have much wrinkles but I wanna look prettier and younger. So, I guess I'd better tell him about this famous clinic for his wrinkle treatments.

Australians are too lucky to have this clinic in Melbourne where celebrities also visit to receive treatments. I wish I knew it in advance so I could also visit when I went on a trip to Australia. Anyway, it's not too late because my hubby is planning to visit Australia again someday.

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