Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's an irritating day

It's snowing again and it's very cold. I want to go home and sleep or just lie down on the sofa while watching TV. Now a days, I really want to tell my boss that I'm gonna quit specially now that he irritated me. He always blames me for others faults or his fault. He doesn't stay long in the office so he doesn't know what's happening here. And when someone calls him to fix the problem, he complains and said that we have to do like and like that when the truth is, he himself can't fix it or don't know anything about it. If we don't call him and tells him about the problem when he comes in, he complains again and said that why didn't we call him. I can't understand him. Most of my co-workers complain about him. And he also complains about others work. He never satisfies and appreciates others work.

My boss just comes in the office for a short time to check out the input and pays the bills but most of the time, the bills always meet the deadline. Aygu! I'm really irritated today. My boss told me to do this and that and told me to tell someone to do this and that. Aygu! Aygu!

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