Monday, January 16, 2012

I remember the days

My friend in California is inviting me to her home. She knew that me and my hubby travel a lot because of the pictures that I sent her online. She has two adorable kids who love animals so I'm thinking of sending her nice, cute and wonderful chickens. I just remember the time when we were young that we used to play with chickens. We bought chicks and raise them together but sad to say that the chickens died. I want to remind her the days that we spent together. We were so happy and I want her kids to experience that at and the same time she can always remember me while looking at the chickens. I think they are the best gifts that I could ever give for my bestfriend's children. Don't you think so?

I just suddenly thought of my bestfriend when I saw this Chickens for sale. A site that sells and delivers chicken and other poultry supplies anywhere in the United States for a very affordable price. Good quality poultries and chicken feeds that can be shipped even if you order a small order quantity of chickens, ducks, etc. This is really great because I just can order and let it deliver in my friend's house rather than carrying heavy luggage for my friend's childrens presents.

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