Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm sick

I'm sick but I'm working. I said it was too cold yesterday so when I came home last night, I was shivering. After dinner, I lay down and watched TV. I told my hubby that I have bodyache so he boiled some water for me and told me to drink hot water. It was hot and not warm. He said I have to drink it even when it's hot because it makes me body warm. I guess he was right. I felt better after drinking much water. He also put hot water in a plastic bottle, covered it with a towel and told me to hug it. It was also hot that's why I sweat a lot. I don't know where did he got those idea but I felt better last night. He asked me if I wanted to take medicine but I said I felt better so I didn't have to take medicine and so I came to work today. hehehe...

I feel sick but feel much better than last night.

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