Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our next destination is Canada

We were supposed to travel to Canada. We made a reservation last month but we were at the waiting list. There was no plane ticket available, so we had to wait for someone to cancel their reservation before we could buy our ticket. The flight was fully booked until the 20th of this month so we just decided to cancel our reservation. So instead of traveling to Canada this year, we are planning to travel next year. We're going to travel for a year so I'm looking forward to it. I've heard a lot about Canada from my relatives and friends and I know how much they love the country and I'm sure I will do too! I can't wait for my Canada Holidays.

My friend who is living in Toronto is inviting me to stay in her house during my vacation in Canada. I suggested it to my hubby and he said that it's very complicated to live with someone because there's no privacy and you have to consider everyone. I agree with him, so instead of staying with my friend's house, I think staying in one of the Hotels in Toronto is much better. Specially now that I've found out the best hotel in Toronto. The most comfortable and affordable hotel in Toronto. Just thinking about it makes me feel like flying to Canada right away.

My hubby said that our first destination is Vancouver then move from one place to another. But I'm planning to visit my friends in Alberta, Toronto and Ontario and they said that we have to take another plane to reach their places. I was worried at first but everything made easy through the fly drive holidays where we can get cheap airfares air fares with all major airlines. We can even hire a car for a very affordable price. Wow! It's so wonderful! I can't wait to visit the fabulous places in Canada. My hubby's favorite place. Of all the places that he has been to, he said Canada is the most memorable place for him so he's planning to go back there again. And of course, with me, this time! I love it!

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