Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I always use envelopes at work. I make invoice everyday. I make two copies for group tour. I give one to the guide and send another one to the travel agency. Just yesterday when I had a talk to my co-worker about envelopes. I said I need more envelopes and I told him to buy at the store. I said, I can't wait for my boss to buy envelopes for me. My boss is good at procrastinating something. Whenever I tell him to buy something, he always says ok but it takes many days before he could buy.

I'm so glad that I found a store envelopes online. There are lots of envelopes to choose from like custom made envelopes, printed envelopes, envelopes for business, direct mail, envelopes for general use, etc. Now, I don't have to worry about the envelopes to use for invoicing, because I already found the best one. Unlike the one that I use now which is dirty, very thin, and looks very cheap.

Btw, I also love the printed envelopes. Wow, this is really a perfect site. A perfect online store envelopes. Whatever types of envelope we need is available. All I have to do now is to tell my boss about it.

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