Monday, January 16, 2012

A new backpack for our next travel

My hubby ordered a backpack online last Friday and it is delivered at home today. It's too fast. We expected it to arrived here in the Island tomorrow but it came today. Besides we didn't have to pay $3 like what is said online that we need to pay because it's in the Island. Well, the delivery man didn't ask for money. He just gave the box and left.

My hubby is so happy to receive his backpack. Yes, he's preparing for our next travel again. Although he doesn't know where to go yet. We are just waiting for the owner of this lodge that we are living now. The owner is in Australia and he's coming soon. We paid the lodge for a year and if it's possible, we want to leave before our contract ends. If we live and the owner will give back the money then we'll leave and go to our next destination. Where would it be? Let's wait because me neither doesn't have any idea. hehe...

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