Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Quitting

I want to go home. Since I knew that we are leaving the Island and I'm gonna quit my job soon, I started to get lazy at work. I don't wanna work anymore. I don't feel like working hard because I'm leaving. Even if I work hard, it's nonsense anyway. What's the use of promotion if I leave a few weeks later from now? Actually, I already got promoted but it's useless. My boss just made business card for me and I have thousands of business cards. The day that I received the business cards from my boss was also the day when my hubby told me that we're gonna leave soon. Ahhhh.... what is the next step in our lives? Where are we heading? Of course, we'll gonna travel to another place. It sounds interesting and eventhough we traveled a lot, I still feel nervous and wonder what kind of place are we gonna stay and what kind of people are we gonna meet?

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