Saturday, January 21, 2012

Working on Holidays

Working on Holidays? Ugh! It's too boring. I have nothing to do and I'm so sleepy. The telephone doesn't ring and my co-workers left early except me. Women said they have to go shopping to buy something to prepare for Chinese New Year. I couldn't say anything at least they have done their job well. They came early and they already did their job. I also want to leave early but no one can take place of my job. My boss isn't here either. I think he's busy meeting his friends, relatives, etc.

The weather doesn't agree with me either because it's raining here in the Island now. Unlike in other cities, it is snowing. I don't like snow but isn't it fair to snow on New Year? I feel so sorry to the kids here because they can't enjoy their childhood life. Unlike in the city, kids enjoy the snowy weather. But here? Ugh, it's too boring because instead of snow it rains! hehehe...

The weather in Jeju Island is different from the mainland so it seems like you're in different country if you're here. Except the weather it's really different because of the beautiful sightseeings. Many people say, it's like a small Hawaii.

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