Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a wonderful world

My hubby said it's a wonderful world because he can do everything through internet. My hubby who loves traveling was searching on the internet about the guesthouses, the airplane ticket, the things that he needs, etc when he suddenly said that it's a wonderful world. When I ask why, he said because he can find everything on the net. Wow~ that's true. We can some lots of information that we need. Internet is good but we have to use it in good way.

Well, I agree with my hubby. It's really a wonderful world but why there are some who still commit suicide? Specially here in Korea, there are students, entertainers, businessmen, etc. who commit suicide. Even elementary grade students think of committing suicide. That's what I heard when I was teaching elementary. They said they are having a hard time at school and private institutes. Not to mention the "wangtta" issue, a student who doesn't have friends in school.

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