Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enjoy your Meal

I was having lunch when my hubby sent me a message telling me to enjoy my lunch. It made me smile and even the food is not good today, I ate much because of the message that my hubby sent me. I also had lunch alone today because my co-workers left early and others went to their hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their families. One wasn't allowed to go home so he decided to quit his job that's why we had a part-time worker last night instead of our co-worker. Well, it's a Korean tradition to go home during holidays like this. But what can we do. It's not a right thing to work even on holidays but there's no choice. If we don't work, who will do our job?

Anyway, my hubby's message made my day so it made the food delicious and I got the courage to eat deliciously even when I had lunch alone.

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