Thursday, September 11, 2014

Celebrated Korean Chuseok

A few days ago, we celebrated Korean Thanksgiving Day which is called Chuseok in Korean. It was last Tuesday but before and after the celebration are also holidays. Chuseok always have a 3-day vacation. Before, during, and after! I think they consider the people who go to their hometown because it's the time for the family to get-together. We usually go to my in-law's house on Chuseok but this year, it's opposite. My in-laws came to our house.

Although we had visitors, I didn't get tired preparing food or anything. My mother in law prepared everything. I just helped her a little and she did most of the cooking. She prepared a lot that it's hard to put everything in our huge refrigerator. There's also a kimchi-refrigerator but it's also full. Some soup and side dishes were rotten so lots of foods were thrown-out. It's my mother in law's style. She always makes too much!

My mother in law was too excited to prepare a lot of food but when our visitors (my brother and sister-in-laws with their family) came, they didn't want to eat anything. They just wanted to have chicken and beer that's why until now we are eating the main dishes and side dishes that she prepared. They didn't want to have meal when they came. Beer and alcohol with finger foods like chicken are the best during the occasion in Korea. We had meal together once but that wasn't enough to eat everything. Actually, they wanted to go out to have meal because my brother in law wanted to treat everyone at the good restaurant but my mother-in-law rejected it because she prepared a lot. She said why did we have go out when there's a lot of food to eat? So my hubby told her not to prepare too much next time.

Our friends also visited us but they only had fruits. We were insisting them to have lunch because we had lots of food but they said they have just had lunch. After having fruits and chatting, we decided to go to coffee shop and have patbingsu (Korean sherbet).

Well, my in-laws left last Tuesday and my hubby said that it's really good to be home with me alone. It's relaxing and he could taste the food well without the kids (nephew and niece).

Back Home from Our Travel Around the World

We are back home from our travel around the world for almost six months. See my travel around the world blog here. Actually, we didn't know when we come back home. We bought tickets to Hongkong for a month. If we could just buy a one-way ticket, but tourists must buy round-trip tickets so we gave up our ticket back home.

We started our travel from Hongkong-->China-->Laos-->Vietnam-->Thailand-->Philippines and now we are back to Korea. We decided to come home and take a rest for a while before we continue our trip to another country. Six countries for almost six months is fun but sometimes tiring and dangerous. It's fun to travel and after several months living out of the country, it's also fun to be back home. We are so happy to have Korean food. There are lots of food to eat here. Also, we can order some food until late at night. There's nothing to worry about food. So many side dishes and delicious food to choose from. Unlike in some other countries like China and Laos, we didn't know what to eat. In Vietnam, we only had noodles almost everyday. It's true that there's no place like home. Home sweet home! But after a few days, we miss traveling again that's why we decided to buy plane tickets as soon as we arrived home.

I can't wait for our next travel. We are flying again so soon. ^-^

Sunday, January 26, 2014

View from my Apartment

What I like the most about my apartment is the wonderful view of it. We are living in the highest floor of the building and it is located near downtown so it has a great view. But I'm afraid of the sun so I always close the window blinds and curtains during the day and open them at night. But one time as I was cleaning the house and shook the dusty rug on the window, this wonderful view has caught my attention again so I grabbed my camera and took a picture of it.

Here's the view on the left side of the building.

Here's the front view.

And the right view where you can watch the sunset.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Neighborhood in Seoul

My hubby always feels bored when we are in my parents-in-law's house. So whenever we visit there, we always go out for a walk in the neighborhood. So, the last time that we went there, we took a walk in the neighborhood again.

We usually take this route which is very close to my in-law's apartment. Just go down the building and you'll see this walking course with artificial (man-made) stream.

We decided to walk a little bit farther and this lane made me laughed. It's just few steps but we had to wait for a few minutes for the traffic light to be changed before we can cross the street. I also live in one of the largest cities in Korea but I've never seen traffic lights in a very narrow street. Although there are lanes but no traffic lights so when there's no car coming, you can just cross the street anytime you want. Well, I just thought that this is Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

The next day, we decided to change our route. We walked and walked until we reached this beautiful village. It seems like we are traveling out of the country. I've never thought that there's something like this in Korea specially in Seoul. My in-laws who live in downtown of Seoul where there are lots of high buildings, so for me, this kind of view of Seoul is something unique.

Oh, that cute little puppy looks very sad staring outside.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Namsangol Traditional Garden in Seoul

We visited my in-laws and my father in law invited us to go to Namsangol Traditional Garden which is just close to his place. It's just three stops using the subway so we didn't bring any car and used the subway instead.

Namsangol has the beautiful view of Namsan Tower.

The ancient name of Namsan (Mt. Nam), a symbol of Seoul and the Korean people is Mokmyeoksan. The mountain has been called Namsan (Southern Mountain) as it is located in the South of the capital, taking advantage of Namsan's picturesque, a leisurely life in harmony with the nature as they wrote poems, draw paintings and played games.

In building Namsangol Traditional Garden, original terrain shape and pavilions and ponds were restored. Native trees and grasses were planted and the valley was built to enable natural flow of water.

Because it was holiday, there were lots of people visiting the famous garden.

It was thanksgiving day so it's not surprising to see some cameras shooting the events of that particular occasion like the YTN News, the korean news TV program.

There were also lots of traditional games prepared for the visitors.

There's also a time capsule at the South of the traditional garden. The time capsule commemorating the 600th anniversary of Seoul as the new capital. It was buried 15 meters underground on November 29th, 1994. The time capsule which is shape like the Bell of Bosingak (Belfry), contains 600 artifacts that represent the urban landscape of Seoul, the life of Korean citizens, and the society and culture of Korea. The time capsule will be unearthed on November 29, 2394.

Five authentic Hanok (Traditional Korean Houses) that were scattered in the city were moved to the northeast of the garden. To help visitors understand Korean life, furniture that reflects the status of the people who lived in these houses were place inside the buildings.

The houses showed how people lived long time ago, although there are still some people living like it in the countryside. As you can see, they burn woods to heat the floor of the houses which is called ondol.

Namsangol Traditional Garden in Seoul is also the best place to see the full moon on thanksgiving day.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Early Bird Korean Mother In Law

Korean mother-in-laws get up so early. It's the reason why we can't live with my mother in law because she gets up too early but me and my hubby sleep late. My mother in law is an early bird but we are night owls. Last night, my mother in law sent me a text at 2:00 a.m. She asked if we were still awake so I called her. She said she has just got up but we were still awake. She was telling us to sleep early but we can't. It's not easy to sleep early when we always get up late. We get up so late so we also sleep late. But my mother in law sleep so early that's why she gets up early. She sleeps around 9:00p.m. and gets up around 3:00-5:00 a.m. In our case, we usually sleep around 5:00 a.m. and get up at noon and sometimes 2:00 p.m.

Most mother in laws are like my mother in law. They sleep early and get up so early. I heard from my students who live with their grandparents said the same thing. Some of them even complain because they can't make any noise at night. Also, they are force to sleep early because of their sleeping grandparents. They also complain that their grandparents wake up so early and clean the house so they make noise in the morning. I understand how they feel because when we sleep in my mother in law's house she makes noise so my hubby hugs me and covers my ears in order not to hear her noises. I could hear her cooking, cleaning the house and doing the dishes.

Korean mother-in-laws are early birds so if you're living with them, you will be forced to get up early, too because there are mother-in-laws who want their daughter-in-laws to get up early so that they can help them with the household chores.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Want To Marry a Korean Guy?

My father in law asked me to find a Philippine woman to get married a korean guy. He said, find someone who's as kind as me (I was happy to hear that but would be happier if he said as pretty as me ^-^). The guy is over 40 years old. I was willing to find a Filipina when my father in law said that the guy was his nephew (his sister's son) and my hubby's cousin. Later on, I found out that the guy is a farmer living in the countryside. My husband is against it. He said the filipina will be very pitiful. She can't have some money and will have a hard time living in the country. She will live without friends and work in the farm even in the cold weather. Not to mention the language barrier, the weather and homesickness. I agree with him.

The next day, my father in law invited us to visit his sister. His nephew's (looking for a filipina wife) mom. We went to their house. It's an old house in the countryside. It was too cold so we stayed in one room with old, dirty and cracked wall. It was grandma's (my hubby's aunt's mother in law) room. I couldn't go out of the room because it was too cold. The living room, the kitchen and the bathroom were too cold. I was freezing. The living room doesn't look like one because of lots of stuffs stocked that are mostly crops. The small dirty kitchen has lots of big old pots. The cold bathroom has also lots of stuffs that I couldn't imagine if someone could take a bath there. There is no shower and bathtub, just faucet and bucket under it. There are lots of basins and washing machine is also there. It is too stuffy. I'm not sure if there's hot water to use. My hubby was too sleepy so they told us to use the other room and sleep. But my hubby's cousin's niece was there using the computer. Beside the two tables was a quilt and heavy blankets. We lay down but we couldn't sleep because it was too cold. So, do you want to get married this guy and live there?

I don't know why people from the Philippines think that once you got married to a foreigner, you are lying in the bed of roses. There are so many women out there dreaming of coming to Korea and get married to a korean guy. Don't you know that those who are looking for Filipinas are those who got divorce or old guys who couldn't get married to Korea because Korean women don't like them? Most of them are farmers or fishermen living in the countryside.

Do you still think that all filipinas who got married to korean have good lives here in Korea? I'm telling you. You are definitely wrong! You don't know how hard their lives are, living with someone they don't know well. You don't know how they suffer specially to those who live with their parents-in-law. (Most of them are living with their parents in law. Another reason why Korean women don't like them (korean guy married to foreigner) because Korean women can't live with their in-laws.) Don't envy those filipinas because they are married to korean guys. You are luckier than them. Living in the Philippines is more fun with friends and family. Nothing can compare to the happiness when you talk in your own language and eat filipino dishes. I think most of you have even better house than the other filipinas here in Korea.

There are some who live well but don't expect that you will also do, specially if the married is just a match. For those who got married because of love (courted in the Philippines), some of them still face some problems here in Korea because of the against parents because if the korean has good education, young and live well in Korea.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Korea

Christmas in Korea is just like a normal holiday. There's nothing special to do specially when there's no white christmas. This Christmas, it was just very cold. It didn't snow. When I asked what most of the kids did on Christmas day, some of them said they went skating, saw a movie, and most of them just stayed home playing computer or cellphone games. Too bad that it didn't snow that's why kids didn't have much fun.

In my case, I went to my mother in law on Christmas eve. We brought the ice cream cake that my sister in law gave us and had the chicken that my hubby ordered. We stayed there until almost midnight. When we arrived home, I called my family back home. It was nice to hear all their voices but I was so homesick because they were all in my dad's house except me.

We slept at 5:00a.m. and woke up at around 2:00p.m. After having some chocolate cake (our anniversary cake left over), I called my mother in law and told her to come over to my house. We dine together at 6:00p.m. (that's our lunch and my mother in law's dinner).

When my mother in law left, we slept again and woke up around 10:00 p.m. And that's how I spent my Christmas day. I was too homesick and didn't want to do anything so I just slept in order not to miss my home and my family. Eventhough my hubby was asking me to go out, I didn't want to, because it was too cold and going out is not fun anymore. I've been to many beautiful places in Korea and I think once you've seen one, it seems like you already saw everything. I even stayed in Jeju Island for almost a year and saw most of the island so I can't enjoy the nature in the mainland anymore.

Anyway, that's how I spent Christmas here in Korea and I guess most people did the same thing specially office workers who spend most of the weekdays at work and Christmas holiday is just a time for rest like a normal holiday.

Friday, December 20, 2013

I Hate Winter

Fall was too short. It is too cold from November and this December, it snows a lot. I think it has snowed in other part of the country since November. I guess we'll also have a White Christmas. Good for the kids and too bad for us adult specially to those who are afraid of cold like me.

In winter, I wear layers of clothes. I wear five layers to be exact, except underwears of course. But still I am cold. I even wear two layers of socks, a scarf, and gloves. I used to wear a hat, too but not anymore.

I hate being cold all day. I hate wearing layers of clothes. I hate walking in the snow. In short, I hate winter!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let's Pick Baseballs

We found lots of baseball balls in Namhae Sports Park the last time that we went there. We were finding the parking lot when we saw that there are players playing baseball at the park. My hubby who loves baseball told me to watch them playing so after parking his car, we headed to the baseball park. On our way to the park, I saw a ball lying on the grass. A few steps away, I saw another one. Then, another one! And another one! My hubby was so happy with the baseballs so I told him to find balls, instead. He laughed and because of those smiles and happiness that I saw, I was encouraged to search more balls and after a few minutes, I have lots of balls in my bag. The balls that the player made homerun and went out of the park. Here are the balls.

I can find more if we stay there longer and if I have a bigger bag. haha... But my hubby told me that we can't bring them. Some players will go out later and find for the balls so I told him to leave the area so we can have the balls. Am I bad? hahaha... Hey, players! Just give them to us. I'm just so happy to see my hubby's smiles because of your balls. We'll just keep them as a remembrance from you. I'll wish you goodluck and hope someday I can see you in the baseball field and receive autographs from you.

See? My hubby was so happy while driving because of the balls. He said we can't bring those balls but still he was so glad that he has them. He hugged me, he held my hands from time to time while driving and when we are at the stop lights, he looked at the balls and laughed. Some balls are still new.

Look! My dog is also interested with the balls.