Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Now I can write longer

Everyone knows about the famous site twitter right? I'm sure you also have a twitter account. It's famous even here in Korea that has high technology and most people if not all, who have iphone, smart phone, mobile phone etc. have a twitter account. In most TV programs there are lots of events where you have to send some messages on twitter to win some expensive gadgets. You can even vote for your favorite singer or entertainer so they can win. There are also some competition programs where you can vote to support your family, friends, etc. It's hard to explain how famous twitter is but do you know that there's a site where you can write longer through twitter? A site where you can write more than 140 characters at a time. Wow, that's cool!

You can stay connected with your friends and tell your message longer. I just remember when I send mail to my friends, I always don't have enough space so I delete some of my message and find out later that I deleted the most important one. Thanks to mobile twitter where I can write longer. Now I don't need to cut my message or need to send twice so I can send the rest of my message because mobile twitter can allow me to write longer. Perfect!

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