Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leaving the Island

It's too sad that I'm gonna leave the Island soon. I already told my boss that I'm gonna quit and I'm just waiting for someone to take over my position. Jeju Island is beautiful but it's not the perfect place to live in. It's a perfect place for traveling because I've been to many countries and saw lots of sightseeings in different countries and I can say that Jejudo is the most beautiful one. There are also lots of beautiful places in some other countries but Jejudo has the lots of interesting places, attractions or sightseeings. You can just go in one city and you can see lots of famous places. You can do lots of activities. The nature of the whole Island is breathtaking. You can enjoy every minute of your stay in Jeju even when you just go out for a drive. It's hard to explain how beautiful the Island is unless you will come and visit.

Anyway, I had enough here in the Island but I will miss it.

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