Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's too cold

Oh my gosh! What's wrong! It's too cold. The heater in the office is already on but it's still cold. It's too windy! It's freezing even when it doesn't snow. I want to go home and lie down while watching TV and eating snacks. Ah, I think it's time to use my vacation now. I didn't use my vacation before so I guess I have to talk about it to my boss when he comes in the office.

Pssstt... the truth is I'm quitting so I have to use my vacation. I'm just afraid that I can't use my 3 days vacation before I leave specially now that one of my co-workers is quitting, too. He said he's getting married so he needs time to prepare for his wedding ceremony. So, before he leaves I will ask him to do my work while I'm away. hehehe..

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