Monday, February 6, 2012

Who do you think the problem is?

One of my co-workers is sick so we hired a part-time worker. She has been working for 3 days now but I haven't give her any salary. I told my boss to give some cash so I can give salary to our part-time worker but he said he doesn't have any cash so he told me to get her bank account number and he would transfer the money. I told the part-time worker about it but she said she doesn't know her account number and she needs some money today so she told me to give her at least $50. I went back to the office and was about to tell my boss about it but he has already gone. I told the part-time worker about it but she said it's an emergency situation so she needs some money so she told me to call my boss. I tried to borrow some money to my co-workers but they don't have any so I had no choice but to call my manager. My manager was angry and he told me not to call him about that kind of matter. What should I do? He has the right to give salary. Besides, I already tried my best. Well, I was arguing on the phone with my manager when another co-worker suddenly appear and asked me why. While talking to my boss, I wrote something on the paper and showed my co-worker so she said she would lend me the amount of money. Then I told my manager that the problem has already solved. Well, well, well... Who do you think the problem is? Is it me who called my boss? Is it our part-time job worker who wanted some money or my manager who is outside with friends and got angry because I called him because I needed some money to pay for our worker.

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