Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waiting for someone to replace me

When are you gonna quit your job? It's the question that my hubby asked me last night. I said I already told my boss last week but until now I haven't got any phone call to replace me at work. My hubby asked if I can't leave without a new worker. Of course, not! I have to take over my job and I have to teach someone to do my work. No one in my co-workers now who know how to do my job. And it's not right to leave work without anyone who will replace me.

But today, when I came in the office, my co-worker said that someone called and she may come for an interview. My boss also told me that someone will come around 2-3p.m. for an interview but no one appears. Maybe it's because of the weather or it's just really hard to hire someone who will work here. A company who always changes its workers. They said I'm too strong to work longer here. I think so but I don't think I have already work for a long time. I've been working here for less than a year and if I like my job or boss, I can work for at least 3 years like the job and my boss that I had before. Anyway, I can work until we are staying here in the Island but my hubby doesn't want. And now a days, I also feel stressful and I really want to quit. I hope a new worker will come soon.

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