Saturday, February 4, 2012

A visitor coming

The weather is not that bad. It's warmer than yesterday. I hope there will be a great weather next week because I have a visitor coming on Monday. My brother in law is coming to visit us. He's coming alone and he said he would travel around the Island. He said he would rent a motorcycle instead of a car. My hubby said that maybe he won't sleep in our home because he will move from one place to another. Wow~ I think it's better but not in cold weather. I told my hubby to just guide him and show some famous attractions in Jeju but he said it's better to let my brother in law what he wants. Maybe he wants to be alone and it's best for him to relieve stress. Well, I guess so but I feel uncomfortable to let him do that when he can just stay in our lodge and use my hubby's car.

Anyway, it's my brother in law's choice but I will let him know about my feelings and it's up to him what he wants because I also want to respect his feelings.

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