Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Rain in Jeju

After winter, spring comes. We know that spring is just around the corner when it rains. It's what they called spring rain or "Beom bi" in Korean. Jejudo island has a very good weather. It's not hot in summer and it's not cold in winter compare to other cities in Korea. In summer, the temperature doesn't exceed to 30 degrees celcius and in winter, there's no negative or minus degree celcius. Last night, while watching a weather forecast, the newscaster said that the rain yesterday was a beom-bi or spring rain. Wow! Is that mean that spring is coming soon? Wow, that's why it's not too cold today. I can't wait for spring to come. I hope I can quit my job soon so I can go out and visit all around Jeju again before we leave the Island.

Speaking of quitting, I was about to tell my boss again that I would just work here until next week. My co-workers are worried that they have to do my job. They said it's a big burden for them. They don't have the guts to do my work specially when it comes to account, receiving phone calls and computer works.

I feel so sorry for them but I have to quit or else my hubby would get angry with me.

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