Friday, February 17, 2012

Too Windy Jeju

It's too windy again. No wonder why Jeju Island calls the Windy Island. It winds almost all year round. I live on the second floor of a lodge and when I go out, the wind blows me that I almost fly away. I live near the beach so it's more windy here than some other places in Jeju. It's not the snow that I complain about here. It's the wind. It doesn't snow much or when it snows, it melts before it landed on the ground. But it's too windy that you almost fall on the ground. hehe...

It's too windy now that some travelers or tourists couldn't come to Jeju because the ships or boats coming here were canceled. When I look out, the waves look beautiful but scary at the same time. Well, Jeju is a beautiful place but the wind sometimes bother me in winter but it's great in summer because it's not hot. You don't need an electric fan. Just go out and feel the blows of the wind.

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