Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anyone in the Island?

Is there anyone here who wants to work in the Island? It's already three weeks now since I told my boss that I'm gonna quit. It seems like I can finish this month without anyone to replace me. Ahhhhh... Is there anyone in the Island? I have to quit my job until the end of this month or much better if I could quit right away. As soon as possible specially now that the weather is not good enough. I want to stay on my bed until late in the morning or just lie down and watch TV at home. Anyway, even if there's no one to replace me, I have to quit by the end of this month because we are leaving next month. But before we leave, my hubby wants to visit around Jeju Island for the second time.

I just hope that someone will come. I have to wait until next week. Please! Please!

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