Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Koreans Travel

I don't understand why Koreans are looking for a kitchen in a hotel. They travel with lots of stuffs to carry. Others seem like they are moving that they carry lots of luggages. Boxes that are full of food to be cooked. They make a reservation in a hotel then they will be surprised when they get in the room, they can't see any kitchen. They should make a reservation at a pension house not in a hotel.

Don't we travel to relax? Just sit back, eat when you're hungry, sleep when you are sleepy, go out to see famous attractions, etc. But Koreans are different. They travel with lots of boxes to be prepared for the family or friends. They bother themselves about the room that needed to be cleaned so they ask the housemaid to clean it without giving any tip. Others are noisy while drinking that seems like they bought the whole building. And one thing that I hate the most is, they leave or forget something like clothes, accesories, etc. and they tell you to mail it for them.

I think it's better for them to stay home than to travel. I can see that some of them get stress while traveling that some of the couples fight in a hotel room or lobby. Not to mention that they complain at the counter with nothing.

I'm glad that my hubby is not one of them.

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