Monday, February 13, 2012

He wants to commit suicide

With the problem that my co-worker has, he told me that he wanted to commit suicide. He told this not only to me but also to one of my co-workers. He told him that if he couldn't see him in the morning, check out the suite room on the third floor and he might be there hanging. I was so shock when I heard from my co-worker about it. He's really desperate. In the morning, I was relieved when I saw him in front of the computer. He asked me if he could stay illegally in the US. He said instead of committing suicide, it's better to run away the country. He asked me how much he needed if he would go to US and what documents does he need. I said, just passport and airplane ticket would be enough to prepare. But he needs some amount of money. He said he doesn't have any money. He's even worried that they won't let him go out of the country if he has much loans from the bank. I said, he can go out of the country with his loans because nobody in the embassy would ask about loans. He smiled and it seems like he finds hopes.

He said he would just go to the States, meet Koreans and live. I said, it's hard specially now that it's cold. He can't even just stay outside if he doesn't have any visa or else the police officers would catch him if they find out that he stays there illegally.

Well, everything will go well with him. If he could live here in the Island with his $30, I guess, he can also do it wherever he goes although it's hard but nothing is impossible.

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