Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day

I was eating chocolates last night when I suddenly thought of Valentines Day. My hubby said that I don't need to buy chocolates for him. We have many chocolates at home that he bought last week when he went to the supermarket. We always have candies and chocolates because my hubby is trying to quit smoking so instead of lighting a cigarette, he eats candies or chocolates.

Eventhough my hubby said that I don't need to buy chocolates for him, I feel uncomfortable for not buying anything for him. The chocolates at home and the presents that I'm going to give are different. Valentines Day happens just once a year so giving a present is not a big deal.

I'm at work today and I don't have time to go to the supermarket to buy chocolates but there's a Seven-Eleven Convenient Store around 3 minutes away from work so I went out and bought chocolates for him. I didn't wasted the time. I went to the store and bought the chocolates with the most beautiful wrap. There are 18 small round chocolates inside and I bought it for $10.

Anyway, I hate Valentines Day here in Korea because it's opposite in other countries. Instead of man giving chocolates to woman, woman has to give chocolates to man. Grrrr...

Well, Happy Hearts Day to my one and only love. I love you my darling!

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