Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Product Ever

I've just had my long hair straighten. I used to go to the hair salon but a few days ago my hubby did it for me. It took more than four hours to do the procedures so we were very tired. My hair looked good on the first and second day but after washing it, my hair ruined. I think it is over-cooked. My straight hair started to curl and some gray hair started to appear. My hubby said it's because of the cheap machine that we used when he straighten my hair so he bought a new one and he said he would try it again. I'm worried but I have to give him another chance. Anyway, my hair is already ruined so I think he can't ruin it anymore. I wish there are also medicines to take for straightening the hair like the one that is use to treat our gray hair. Medicines are the best way to treat hair. It's more comfortable, more convinient and more effective.

It's true that we are now living in a wonderful world because of the new products that appear now a days and this gray hair treatment is one of the best product ever.

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