Monday, September 1, 2008

Annoying Callers

If there are annoying people who doorbell and pretending to fix something at home, there are also AnnoyingCallers who call and insist you to buy or subscribe to something that you don't really need. It's really annoying when you receive this kind of unwanted calls specially in your busy schedule or when you are sleeping. What more if you received a phone call telling you to pay more than $600 for an overdue phone bill when you only pay not more than $10 a month? We don't often use our home phone. Hubby and I usually use our cellphones. So, I was shocked when I received that call.

I'm sure most of us received this kind of calls from telemarketers or annoying callers. If you do, then check out this site to find out and share information about phone numbers used by harassing telemarketers or annoying callers. There are lots of phone numbers listed with its website. Your annoying caller might be listed there so find it out and stop the annoying caller that has been troubling you.

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