Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keep out!

It's too annoying when you're sleeping and somebody doorbell at home because he/she wants you to open an account for a credit card, try and subscribe to their products, or tells you to fix something at home that doesn't need to be fixed. Tell me that i'm bad but I also hate people in the church who "don't" bring good news. I go to church and I used to entertain people even when we have different beliefs but I gave up after entertaining one because they always come even when you tell them that you're busy or you have to go out for work. They always come specially when they knew that you work and they spend much time telling you something that you're not interested with.

They wait until you open the door or sometimes wait for you until you come home. You will be surprised when the elevator opens and you'll see those people in front of your house waiting for you. They don't care even when you say that you're tired from work and you need to take a rest. They always ask you to give them a short time that always takes long. Hew! Hubby is also tired of them so he posted this on our door.

The sign said, "People who want to advertise something and people who visit from the church- keep out! Please~ Yu-yu (hehe)"

I know you can't understand us unless it happens to you. Be also aware of the people in the street who pretend that they go in the church and they just ask some money. There are many people like that specially in front of the shopping mall. Last time, while I was heading to the bus stop, I met a girl and a boy. First, they asked me if I work and when I said yes, they started to tell me something about their church. They asked where I live and my working place but I never told them anything because they sounded strange. "Gojo!" (Go away!)

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Interesting post. What an odd combination of people to group together, but I guess what you describes explained it. Love your blog on Korea. I am going to link it at, so hopefully my readers can benefit from your posts!