Friday, September 26, 2008

Knock, knock! Who's there?

It was the schedule for putting some coackroach medicine in our building yesterday. The advertisement was posted in the elevator a week ago. There is hajuma (old woman) who works for this. This schedule is done three or four times a year. I've never seen any cockroach in my apartment so hubby said we don't need that medicine so just stay in bed and don't open the door. I always pretend that nobody's at home specially to a strange person. My hubby knows that I go back to bed when he leaves for work.

Yesterday, I heard the doorbell three times but I didn't bother myself to open the door or even looked at the video monitor. Then my mother in law called on my cellphone (I always sleep with my cellphone beside me). She said, she's outside so she's asking me to open the door. Oh my gosh! I ran to the door and opened it before I realized that I was wearing a night dress and not wearing a brassiere. My mother in law had an appointment near my place so she dropped by here and brought me some kimchi and fruits. I asked her if she waited long. She said she called my hubby and asked if I already left for work. My hubby said I was still sleeping and it was time for me to wake up so he told her to call me on my cp. That was already past 11 a.m. hehehe.... My mother in law didn't stay long because she had to meet her friends for lunch.

From now on, I have to check out when somebody is outside. I have to follow this "knock! knock! who's there" thing. hehehe...

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