Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How was your weekend?

On Mondays, it's common to greet at work on how did everyone's weekend go. And yesterday, when I said my in laws came to visit us, everyone said that I must be very tired. That's what they thought because they know how tired it is to live with the in laws. But when I said that my hubby didn't want me to prepare anything for them and we just went to the restaurant when we had meal, they said my hubby is very thoughtful enough for that.

Actually when my in laws visit here, I don't prepare food for them. If we don't treat them to the restaurant, my hubby just order food. It's not because I don't want to prepare but because my hubby said it's very complicated to prepare lots of things. My in laws also know about that and they don't let me prepare except fruits, coffee and snacks to share when we are at home. By the way, we always go out together when they are here. Even for breakfast they always remind me to just prepare toast and juice for breakfast although most Koreans including my in laws always eat rice every meals.

But I sometimes feel uncomfortable because I think I have to prepare food for them. I just prepared food for them when I had a housewarming party and that was really tough because I prepared alone all day so hubby never let me do that again. hehe... Koreans eat lots of panchan (side dishes) every meal so imagine doing those panchans alone. Oh, goodness!

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