Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't wait for an apology

My hubby still complains of the weather whenever he comes home. He said, how could it be still hot when Chuseok is already finished. It's true that it's still hot but I was surprised when I saw that it was a little bit dark at around 7p.m. eventhough there wasn't any sign of rain. In summer, it usually gets dark at around 8p.m. so meaning fall is just around the corner although it's still hot. hmmmm...

By the way, I almost fell down on the bus this afternoon. If I couldn't hold the chair and the hair of hajuma, I already fell down. I don't like answering my cellphone when I get on or off the bus because drivers run the bus even when you are still finding your seat or place to stay. I felt sorry to hajuma (old woman) because I ruined her hairstyle but she didn't say anything. I just saw her fixing her hair.

I usually get pissed off when i'm on the bus and somebody hit my hair or head with a bag, shoulder or a hand. Although it's not their intentions but at least they should say sorry but most of them don't know how to say sorry specially if they are older than yours. But because of hajuma this afternoon, I realized that I should be more patient next time.

Korea has this "palli palli style" (in haste) so don't get mad when you were hit, pushed or bumped by someone and don't apologize. Don't wait for an apology because they don't usually say "excuse me" or "sorry" specially in public places.

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