Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend with my in laws

My in laws has just left for home. They came here yesterday and we had a good time together. Although we've just met last Thanksgiving Day, we are still delighted to see each other again. My sister in law prepared a lot of food that we shared for dinner. Different kinds of food that she learned from her mom in law last Thanksgiving Day. My hubby doesn't drink so we left them last night while they were drinking. On our way home, my hubby told me to call my sister in law and tell her to come over to my house with my brother in law and his family the next day (today) for lunch. My hubby didn't let me prepared food. He said it's too tiring to prepare so we just took them to the restaurant near here which is famous for its daejigalbi. The restaurant that we always go to when we are craving for daejigalbi.

When we were separated because everyone has to go home, my mother in law called and asked how much we paid for lunch because we had much. We don't care how much we paid as long as everyone enjoyed the food. So I told her that we didn't pay too much although I paid almost $100 for 7 people for the meat. Luckily, they didn't drink alcohol or beer because my brother in law has to drive.

We were planning to go to Jejudo next month but unfortunately, there's no available seat either in the plane or boat. That's too bad! My hubby thought it was too early to make a reservation so he did it last week just to find out that there was no available seat for us. Oh no!

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eunice said...

it's time for me to meet my in law in Malaysia (me Singaporean) this Friday! :D Last meet up was Chinese New Yr