Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doll pillows

Here are the dolls that my hubby bought. The picture was taken when we went to Jirisan Recreation Forest. We use them as our pillows when we go camping. I didn't know that he got them. He said he saw them when he was heading home from work so he suddenly thought of our uncomfortable pillows that we used on our first camp so he bought them. He just gave them to me when we went to Bangjangsan Recreation Forest. They are very soft and comfortable. We don't remove them in the trunk of his car so that we can use them when we go out and feel tired from our long trip.


kegler747 said...

I remember during my last flight, I bought my sister a stuff toy as a gift and I used it as a pillow during the flight as it is so cuddly :)

Anonymous said...

They look so cute! Sure you had a comfortable time dreaming on those pillows. :D