Saturday, August 3, 2013

Korean Summer Vacation

The last week of the July is the Korean Summer Vacation so most of the students are very excited. Although they are very tired studying for their final examination, students still enjoy because after final, they can have their summer vacation. In Korea, there are lots of academies or institutes and most of the students if not all (or maybe just around 5% of students population don't go to academies, just those who can't really afford paying) go to academies or private tutorial. But all academies also have 3 days vacations so students can also spend their summer vacation without attending any private lessons that they have registered.

Most of institutes vacations was last Wednesday-Friday so including Saturday and Sunday, there are five rest days. That's really awesome some office workers also have vacations that most of them last for 1 week. They are giving everyone some time for the whole family. Children are happy but most parents are not. You know why? Because children have to stay home. They play computer games and watch TV too much. Some working parents have to send their children to other private institutes and that also mean some amount of money because nobody will take care of their kids at home. Also, Moms have to prepare some food for them or sometimes order some food and have it delivered at home.

In short, children love vacation as much as parents hate it.

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