Saturday, August 10, 2013

Some Korean Lifestyles

1. Cars in each family. In korea, each family has it's own car. Some have 3 or more cars in a family. The legal driving age is 20 (korean age). Koreans must attend driving school before they get their licenses.

2. He's my Junior. In korea senior-junior relationships are very important. The relationship is usually defined by age but sometimes it's defined by position. Seniors can make their juniors to do many things. this is because of the influence of confucianism in Korea.

3. Age is very important here. Korean often ask others about their age. They will even ask this the first time they meet someone. This is normal behavior in korea. Knowing a person's age is important- it lets the person know what kind of language to use. Also it helps deternmine the two people's relationship.

4. It's a national ID card. All koreans have a national ID card. They mush have this card when they turn 17 years old. This card holds personal information of the card includes your name, date of births, address and finger prints.

5. Why is everyone walking on the left? In korea, pedestrians are supposed to walk on the left. However koreans drive on the right side of the road. Walking in Korea can be confusing for most foreigners. They often walk on the wrong side.

6. I can't afford the key money. Koreans often pay key money to rent an apartment. This is very large security deposit. Small houses don't need much key money. Large houses need a lot. Key money is often over ten million won (around $40,000). Also the higher the key money, the lower the rent.

7. You need to haggle with her. At many places in korea, prices are not set. Shoppers often bargain with the seller. Many people actually enjoy haggling over prices. However you don't haggle everywhere. You should haggle at department stores but not usually at the markets.

8. Let's use cards for the buses or trains. Rides cost the same amount of money. It costs the same to go everywhere. You can even transfer to another bus or train using the card without any charge before 30mins.

9. Meet at a different location. In korea, it's more common to meet at a different location. Koreans often don't invite their date over to their house (specially people living with their parents).

10. There are many salespeople. In korea, department stores employ large numbers of salespeople. The salespeople never leave you alone. There are always seems to be a salesperson near you while you are shopping.

11. Did you eat? Did you eat is a common greeting in Korea. many koreans (specially concerned mothers) will ask this question then they talk to someone. Koreans often ask that when they greet a friend.

12. How old are you? Age is very important in Korea. It helps to extablish relationships. Tt is one of the first questions a korean will ask someone.

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