Thursday, August 15, 2013

Korean Independence Day

Today is holiday because of Korean Independence Day. The day when Korea was freed from Japan that's why today, most of the programs on TV are related to the Independence. There are documentaries about Japan and Korea, Concerts for Peace, and movies related to war.

If you go out, you'll see lots of Korean flags hanging on the trees, swaying on the windows' apartments and houses, etc. to show the love for the country. I even saw an ad posted at the bus stop yesterday while waiting for the bus on my way home saying that there's an event in downtown to celebrate Independence Day. I live near downtown, it's just a few blocks away but I have no plan to watch or join the event because I'm meeting a friend tomorrow.

I'm just so happy that there's no work today and I hope that at least once a month, there will be a red mark in the calendar. I just wish!

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