Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yahooo! It's Raining

Most Koreans like rain. They think it's very romantic to walk in the rain. My husband has been for rain for a long time not only because of the hot weather but also because he really loves rain. He likes walking in the rain with umbrella. It's not only him who likes rain but also my co-workers.

It's strange this summer because it didn't rain much and today is the day that my hubby has been waiting. He was so happy when he woke up in the morning raining. The weather forecast always delivered the wrong news when it says that it would rain but it didn't for a long time. But today, the weather forecast was right. It really rained. It was really hot for the past few days and I heard lots of Korean complained about the hot weather. It even showed in the news that some of the trees died and dying in some other cities. Me who has lived in hot country never complained about the hot weather in my country, but here, I can say that it was really hot. Even when you just walked for a few distance, you will sweat a lot.

Anyway, it has been raining since early morning so it's cool now and my hubby is so happy to see the rain falling from the sky. We live on the highest floor of the building and once in a while, he looks out and see the rain falls.

In my case, I hate rain. I hate walking in the rain and taking an umbrella bothers me. Luckily, it's weekend today and there's no work so it's great to stay home in the rain.

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