Saturday, August 31, 2013

Disappointed of the Coupon

I saw an advertisement in front of my door about the promotion that the supermarket has which is just located in front of my apartment building. It's a big supermarket selling everything. It has a big bookstore, coffee shops, spa, appliances, jewelry shops, clothes shops, grocery products, etc. The promotion is only for those who live in our building. I'm a regular customer of the supermarket because I feel comfortable buying there because I can everything I need and want.

In the advertisement, if you buy at least $30, you can get two cups of coffee at Kenya Coffee shop which is also located inside the supermarket. Last night, I went shopping and bought around $50 but I forgot to exchange my receipt for coupons. I just thought that I can just show the receipt to the coffee shop but it's too late when I found out that I have to exchange to receipt into coupon to receive the coffee. Too bad that it also listed that we can exchange the receipt the day that we bought the products but it was already close when I knew about it.

Oh well, my hubby cheered me up. He said that I can still use it when I get the grocery next week because the promotion is until next week. I always go shopping once a week for our whole week food I guess I have to go shopping earlier for our next living.

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