Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Sweet Hubby

I was checking my blog and suddenly noticed the my drafts. I checked it and saw these pictures. They were taken when I went for a drive with my hubby. The view was so beautiful. I suddenly remember that time but I don't know where the place is but I think it's around Mt. Jiri if I'm not mistaken. Isn't it so relaxing to go for a drive with your loveone? Specially on rainy days? Koreans love rainy days.

On the way, we saw lots of flowers in the street. My hubby pulled over and picked some flowers and gave them to me. Oh my gosh! How romantic! He's so sweet! Eventhough he didn't buy them, just thinking of me when he saw the flowers was already so touching. Thanks honey!

Out of the topic, I suddenly miss our former car. That was our old car. My hubby loves that car. It was still in a very good condition and still looks new but we had to change it because my in-laws changed their cars and my hubby doesn't want to be left behind. And that's another Korean lifestyle. Most people are living in a "competition world".

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