Friday, August 30, 2013

A Foreigner in Let Me In

I'm watching Let Me In right while blogging. It is a program about the ugly women who received plastic surgeries for free if they were chosen by doctors. They will show their lives and the problem they face because of their physical appearance. I like watching it because it's so interesting to see the ladies changed 180%. You can't even imagine how they were changed. It seems like they are different people.

I've seen the program many times but it's my first time to see a foreigner. She's from Bangladesh named Laboni Luna. The doctors have chosen her but she was disqualified after. The doctors have found out that Luna has lied. She said that she suffers from depression but when she was examined, they found out that she doesn't have any depression. Secondly, she said that she wears mask when she goes outside but it was also a lie. Third, she said she has a problem with her husband but her life was shown on TV before and she has good relationship with her husband.

After knowing that she was chosen, I found out that Let Me In don't discriminate because they can also choose foreigners although I thought that Luna's skin isn't a big problem at all because some foreigners live like her specially those who have been to very hot countries. But then, I feel bad not to Let Me In program but to Luna for not being real to herself and to others.

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