Friday, August 16, 2013

Samjengi Greentea Plantation

Last time, we visited one of hubby's aunt who lives near Boseong Green tea plantation and we had a little talk with her son, my hubby's cousin. While we were talking about their place he also mentioned that there's another plantation but not famous to tourists because they don't know about it, yet. He invited us to go there and riding my hubby's car, he led us to Samjengi.

My hubby said that the plantation is more beautiful than Boseong Greentea Plantation because it's wider and more quiet place. But I think this kind of factory or houses have ruined the view.

I wish that house is mine. Although I don't wanna live there but it's cool to have a rest house like that in the middle of the greentea plantation.

What makes the Samjengi Greentea Plantation beautiful is, it's on the plain unlike Boseong Greentea Plantation, it's on top of the hills. I think samjengi is more relaxing and breathtaking.

Here's the way Samjengi Plantation which is a few kilometers away from Boseong.

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