Saturday, September 14, 2013

Next Week is Chuseok

Next week is Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving Day. Today, I went to the supermarket and there are lots of people buying some gifts and groceries to prepare for chuseok. On this day, most myeonori or daugher in laws are busy preparing food while men are playing card games or drinking. Children are so lucky on these because it is like the celebration of Christmas to some countries, children eat lots of food and receive presents from oldies.

And because next week is Chuseok, we are going to my in-laws house which takes 4 hours drive. There's always "Jesa" or Memorial Ceremony in my father in law's house during Chuseok and Seollal so we are always busy on that day. My "hyeongnim" or sister in law (hubby's brother's wife) always does most of the work and I just assist her. Of course my mother in law is the food taster.

Sometimes, because of my hubby's work, we can't go there earlier. We are supposed to go there the day before the occasion because it's the time to prepare some "Jeon" or fried dishes and "namul-namul" sprouts dishes and different kinds of side dishes. But my hubby can't drive during the day because he's a night owl so he is asleep during the day. But this time because of long holiday, we are going there on time but I heard that this year, we are not going to prepare for Jesa which is really great specially for my hyeongnim.

My hubby doesn't like this kind of occasions because he doesn't drink so he feels bored so he said we'll just go there and take a walk around my father in law's neighborhood. And that's more exciting, I think!

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