Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's students vacation from next week. They finished their exams last week but they were still going to school and today was their last day. For the past few days, they were just having time watching videos in their school. They really had fun but of course there are also lots of homeworks to be done. And next week, although it's already their vacation, the Boys and Girls Scout are going to Japan. It's not unusual here in Korea to spend some field trips to another country. Some are also going for a camp to the Philippines or Canada. Parents are willing to spend much money for their children's education. They are also happy when their kids are very proud on what they have learned or done. During vacation, most of the students are going abroad with their family. The students who are not going are too quiet and feel jealous. And those who are going abroad are too noisy and they talk about it before they leave until they arrived.

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