Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Korean Cellphones

My hubby broke his cellphone. His cellphone fell down many times and only yesterday that it gave up. He couldn't use it anymore. It broke into pieces. Last time, he was at work and smoking at the second floor when he fell it down to the first floor. Luckily, it fell down on the grass so it was okay. Last night, somebody called him while he was working. He took it out from his pocket and fell down on the floor so it broke into pieces.

This morning, he went to the cellphone to change it. Again, he got a new cellphone for free. It's a touch phone. Much better than his old one. It's easy to change cellphone here. There are lots of good cellphones for free. You don't need to buy but you have to use the cellphone for two years and that's how the shops can make money. They can make money from your phone bills. So you can change your cellphones every two years if not, you have to pay some penalty for the rest of the month that you haven't used. My hubby has used his cellphone for less than two years but because there are lots of cellphone shops in my neighborhood, the owner changed it for free but my hubby needed to change the company and so his number. The KTF, LG and SK are the famous cellphone companies.

Cellphones here are open lines so whether you use it or not, you have to pay the basic fee which is about $10. I also want to change my cellphone like my hubby's but it will be two years next year. My hubby is willing to pay for the penalty but the shop told me to wait until Thanksgiving Day because new model cellphones will arrive and there's no need to pay for penalty. He said when there's special occasion, many people get cellphones for their kids so they give special events.

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