Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh, this is awesome!

I saw lots of tv programs on the net that I missed on TV but I never thought of listening to my favorite radio program online. It's because I've never heard of this Internet Radio before. Wow~ it's great! I don't know if it sounds stupid but I really didn't know that there's also a Live Online Radio. What amazed me more is, there are thousands of internet talk radio shows that you can listen to. You can even see the upcoming Live online radio shows. Check the date and time and choose your category. It's easy to find the kind of topic that you want to listen.

I always listen to the radio while I'm cooking. But it sometimes bothers me when there's no good program to listen to, so I spend much time changing the stations. I sometimes think that I spend more time changing the station rather than cooking. But not anymore because I found this Talk Radio. Not only that. I can even listen to the radio while chatting online with my friends. I can save more money because I don't need to turn on the radio because I can just use the computer. Oh, this is awesome! What do you think?

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