Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Funny

It's funny because my sister in law got angry with my husband because she couldn't understand what my hubby said. My sister in law wants her daughter to learn English so my hubby spoke to her daughter in English last night. Her daughter was having snacks and we were having some watermelon. She ate snacks too much so my hubby told her to stop eating that snack because it's not good for her health. He said that in English. Everything was fine last night. But today, my sister in law called and asked my hubby what he said to her daughter last night. My hubby couldn't remember so he asked me. I told him the words and she told it to my sister in law. And then she said, she was just curious because she thought my hubby got angry with her daughter. At least she asked about it and she just didn't put anger in her heart. Sometimes conversation is really important. At least now she knows and she will feel better after knowing that there wasn't anything bad about my hubby's words.

Oh well, there's always a barrier with the language. This is Korea, where not many people can speak english. I understand.

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